Mandate for forming government is handed to the candidate of the party that has the majority


The Democratic Union (DS) reminds the parties, especially DUI, but also all citizens, that according to Article 99 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, the mandate for forming the Government is given to the candidate of the party/parties that have the majority of MPs (at least 61 MPs).

“The government is elected by the Parliament with a majority of votes from the 120 MPs. The majority is 61 MPs.

There is no double voting (Badenter) for the election of the Government, it is not provided for by the Constitution, nor by any agreement or law, nor is there any such practice.

It is absolutely certain that after 20 years in power, the untouchables from DUI will be sent to a long-term opposition and they will be held accountable for the robbery they did and the destruction of the institutions and the state as a whole,” said the DS.

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