Mickoski urges international community to monitor the election process due to possible irregularities


VMRO-DPMNE party leader Hristijan Miskoski said he expects irregularities in the upcoming elections on May 8, regarding which he accused the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI).  The opposition leader said the party has informed international representatives in the country as well as the Ministry of Interior about election irregularities in the first round of the presidential elections, calling on them to strengthen their presence at the polling stations in question

“To the representatives of the international community, to the OSCE and ODIHR, we submitted a list of polling stations where, at a certain time, voting takes less than one minute on average, which indicates that we have numerous irregularities there, i.e. ballot stuffing, and at those polling stations, strange but true, fingerprint devices did not work. We expect something similar to happen in the second round, but we are ready. We have informed the Ministry of Interior to strengthen its presence there,” said Mickoski.


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