VMRO-DPMNE foresees infrastructure connection and support for agriculture in ED4


In the fourth election district, as well as at the state level, we foresee the restoration of order in the country and the establishment of a functional legal state, pointed out Aleksandar Nikoloski, VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader and list holder of ED4 in an interview with Radio Kanal 77.

“In ED4 we also envisage an infrastructural connection here before the Prilep-Gradsko expressway, which the current government failed to complete in seven years. Furthermore, a highway solution from Prilep to Bitola and the border with Medjitlija means something more than what is being proposed, considering that we will not ask for commissions of 20% like Artan Grubi, and the difference is just that much. We do not plan to ask for commissions, so there will be room to build more,” said Nikoloski.

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