Thirty-three years since the death of Macedonian Sashko Geshovski, the first victim during the Yugoslavia breakup


Thirty-three years since the death of Sashko Geshovski, a member of the Yugoslav People’s Army, the first victim during the breakup of Yugoslavia, was marked on Monday in Kavadarci.

Geshovski was born in Kavadarci on October 31, 1971, and after completing secondary education, he went to serve his military service in the JNA in Split, Croatia.

On May 6, 1991, a masked member of the MUP of the Republic of Croatia shot at him and killed him with four bullets. At the critical moment, Geshovski was on duty in front of the building of the Military Naval District in Split. He is the first casualty of the conflict that caused the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991. On May 7, a protest rally was held in Kavadarci, almost the entire population of the city and the surrounding area participated. Candles were lit in the town square in honor of Geshovski. His body was transported to Kavadarci by military helicopter.

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