Litany with the relics of St. George the Victorious will traditionally sanctify Struga


Traditionally, this year on May 7, in Struga the City of Poetry, the national Struga eordia (litany) will be held, with the relics of Saint George the Victorious, his miraculous icon, as well as the Krnina miraculous icon of the Mother of God. On sumptuously decorated epitaphs, with the local clergy and the brotherhood and sisterhood from Bigorski, the monasteries in Rajchica and Prechista, with traditional celebrations, with the relics of Saint George the Victorious, the miraculous icon of the saint and the Krnina icon of the Mother of God, will depart from the temple dedicated to the saint. they will pass through the streets of Struga, along the quay of the river Crn Drim, through the bazaar, and they will sanctify the city.

According to tradition, this year the procession will be led by a ceremonial police vehicle, which will symbolically mark the veneration of St. Great Martyr George, as the patron of the police and security forces. Between the vehicle and the litany will follow a horseman, dressed in Roman tribune military clothing, made of authentic materials, which is a copy of the original military armor of that time, the work of a famous Italian expert on the history of the ancient Roman Empire. The horseman, who will hold a palm branch in his hand as a symbol of peace, will have the role of a special orderly and announcer of the procession.


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