SEC: Re-voting to take place in Ohrid, Krushevo, Struga, Dolneni and Zhelino


The State Election Commission (SEC) reviewed the complaints lodged by the political parties over the results of the May 8 parliamentary elections at its 104th session, deciding to accept seven complaints – six in the fifth electoral district and one in the sixth district. Nine of the complaints were lodged by the Worth It Coalition, eight by VMRO-DPMNE, five by SDSM and four by Levica.

In ED 5, complaints were accepted for polling stations 1272 in Ohrid, 1194 and 1202 in Krushevo, 1844 in Struga, 1470 and 1470/1 in Dolneni. In ED 6, one complaint was accepted for polling station 2102 in Zhelino.

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