NBRM predicts that the average inflation in 2024 will be 3.5 percent


Nationa Bank Governor Anita Angelovska-Bezhoska presented the latest macroeconomic projections of the National Bank to the diplomatic corps and representatives of international institutions. The event was attended by representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB), the Delegation of the EU (EEAS), the United Nations (UN), etc.

It was stated that a further slowdown of inflation is predicted, in line with the achievements in the first quarter of this year, with an average annual rate of 3.4%, which is lower than the October projections. Average inflation for 2024 is forecast to slow to 3.5%, from 9.4% last year, reflecting further declines in oil and food prices on world markets. In the medium term, a further slowdown of inflation and its reduction to the historical average of around 2% is expected.

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