Ten percent of Macedonians live with kidney failure


About 10 percent of the country’s residents have some kind of kidney failure, but a much smaller number end up in the terminal phase of dialysis. The number in Macedonia ranges from 1,400 to 1,600 with a growing tendency. There are no age limits for kidney diseases, there are babies as well as patients over 90 years old, Dushko Gjorgjiev from the Nefron Association informed on Thursday in response to a media question.
Attending the opening day for dialysis at the D.med Medical hospital in the municipality of Gjorche Petrov, Gjorgjiev said that the country has top European dialysis, but that cadaveric transplantation is still a burning issue.
According to him, about 150 people are waiting for a transplant, but, as Gjorgjiev said, that number is not realistic.

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