SEC head and members: Interference of political parties and individuals in caretaker gov’t in electoral procedures is unacceptable


State Election Commission president Aleksandar Dashtevski and members Radica Risteska, Oliver Ristovski, Boris Kondarko, Boban Stojanoski and Abdush Demiri expressed Friday concern over the statements by political parties and government office holders relating to the SEC activities on complaints following the parliamentary elections.

“The SEC conducted the elections professionally, transparently and only on the basis of the law, which is confirmed by all domestic and international factors. Despite all the inconveniences we have, with the highest degree of integrity, based on a public inspection of the election material, the SEC determined the facts and decided on complaints submitted by participants for 110 polling stations and, based on reasoned evidence, adopted objections for only 7 polling stations, while all the other 103 were rejected as unfounded and not a single participant in the elections filed lawsuits for them,” reads the SEC reaction.


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