Third of Macedonians between the ages of 40 and 49 want to move out of the country


One in three Macedonians is considering moving out of the country, according to the latest public opinion survey conducted by the Skopje Institute for Political Research for Detektor. According to the survey, 32.3% of those surveyed declared that they were thinking or had ever thought about moving out of the country, while 63.6% had not thought about this topic.

Although the differences are not huge, it is still surprising that people between the ages of 40 and 49 think about emigration the most, where 42.5% said that they had or have plans to leave the country. Similar figures of 42.2% of citizens who are considering moving out are also in the age group between 30 and 39 years old, while among the youngest, those under 30 years old, 37.8% have considered or are considering moving out of the country.

The comparison with the surveys from previous years, which were also conducted by IPIS for Detector, do not show any significant changes in the attitudes of the citizens. In all surveys in the last 5 years, the percentage of citizens who have considered or are considering moving out is over 30%.

However, 52.7% of all surveyed citizens said that in the next 5 years there is no chance of moving from Macedonia, while 11.5% of those surveyed are sure that they will leave in the same period.

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