About 30,000 citizens-beneficiaries of social aidlost EUR 120 due to uncorrected contracts


As a result of the illegal operation of the previous managements of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, about 9,000 families from social risk have been damaged by 120 euros per year. We are talking about 30,000 citizens beneficiaries of funds from the system of social and child protection since 2020.

“We are talking about 1.7 million euros or MKD 100 million, which by law should be paid to the beneficiaries of social assistance. The problem has arisen because the aid solutions, which should be leveled with the statistics and data on the increase in living standards, have not been corrected. This mistake continues until today and no change has been made,” said Caretaker Minister of Labor and Social Policy GjokoVelkovski in an interview with SlobodenPechat.

There is a clearly defined legal obligation under Article 31 paragraph 2 of the Law on Social Protection and Article 15 of the Law on Social Security that the Center for Social Work is obliged to match the amount of the right to the cost of living. The previous managements of MLSP along with the Centers for Social Work did not match their data.

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