Georgiev and Memeti, both SDS and DUI staff in the judiciary, are part of the judicial octopus


The arrest of Supreme Judge NakjeGeorgiev for accepting a bribe of 10 thousand euros is just another confirmation that Macedonia with the power of SDS and DUI was neither a legal state, much less a European one, VMRO-DPMNE Executive Board member Mile Lefkov told a press briefing on Tuesday.

The judge, who received his entire judicial career and promotion during SDS, was caught yesterday in the act of bribery in exchange for extenuating circumstances in the proceedings against the former mayor of Novo Selo, BoroStojchev.

“Georgiev became a judge in 1997, then he was elected a judge in the Court of Appeal in 2004, then a supreme judge in 2020, and then he was controversially elected as a member of the Judicial Council, then he even more controversially resigned, so that his son could be elected as judge in the Criminal Court. His arrest showed all the glory of the misery in which SDS and DUI brought the judiciary in Macedonia,” said Lefkov.

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