National Post employees stage protest, to strike on June 7, says Veligdenov


Employees at the Macedonian Post are staging a protest on Wednesday in revolt and concern over the future of the company and their jobs, the post’s union leader Boro Veligdenov said in a press conference on Wednesday.

“We don’t know when we’ll get our next paycheck because we don’t have enough financial resources, and the management team doesn’t have an answer to that question either, because they were waiting for some kind of inflow. The Macedonian Post has been brought to a state of destruction, its survival is under a big question mark and we demand an urgent meeting with the new government to resolve the situation. What we have been asking for years is to start immediately and without delay with the new reforms and overall reorganization. The procedure for the systematization of new jobs is the foundation and basis for further stabilization and functioning of the company. The government should stand up for the interest of the Macedonian Post, because 2,000 employees will remain on the street and we will be the only example in the world of a state post office not functioning, that is, not existing,” Veligdenov pointed out.

The trade union representatives of the Macedonian Post demanded that the reforms in the company begin as soon as possible, by taking more serious measures to stabilize the situation.


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