Nikoloski: Man died in an accident with a truck carrying imported coal, the outgoing government is carrying out a massive robbery of ELEM and TPP Bitola


The SDS and DUI authorities on their way out commit a massive robbery of the ELEM AND TPP (REK) Bitola! The goal is to sneak as much as possible on the way out! Tenders are issued on a daily basis, normally for the favorite company of the Belarusian consul, VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader AleksandarNikoloski said in a Facebook post on Monday.

“Moreover, dozens of trucks bring imported coal every day! Those trucks transit through Novaci to TPP Bitola. In a traffic accident when one of those trucks collided with a tractor, one man lost his life. That is why residents of Novaci are organizing protests to end crime in ELEM and REK Bitola,” reads Nikoloski’s post.


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