Parliament to hold constitutive session on Tuesday, AfrimGashi to be appointed Speaker


Starting Tuesday, the newly elected MPs will officially take their MP seat after receiving their terms from the citizens exactly twenty days ago. The session, which is scheduled for 11 am, has four points. First of all, the verification committee for the terms of the MPs is chosen, then the selection of the Commission for Elections and Appointments will follow. According to the Rules of Procedure, the constitutive session can last up to three days, and ends after the election of the new Parliament Speaker who will most likely be the leader of Alternativa,AfrimGashi.

Tuesday’s session will be led by the oldest Member of Parliament, that is, MeritaKolciKoxhadxhku from the Democratic Movement led by IzetMexhiti.

With the new Parliament composition, the new majority that will be held by the coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE will be drawn, which, after the negotiations that are being conducted these days, should be joined by the Worth It coalition and the ZNAM MPs. This brings the parliamentary majority closer to two-thirds.

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