Stoilkovski: SDS/DUI Minister Demirineither feels nor demands responsibility, nor does he have any idea what is happening at the Surgery clinic


For ten days now, the whole country, all of Macedonia, wondered what was is going on at the Surgery clinic, and the Minister appointed by SDS/DUI, IlirDemiri, came out of hiding today to say that he simply did not know what the problem was, which he reduced to just a bad stench. He neither demanded responsibility from the management, nor from the joint general services, nor he personally for the incompetence, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson NaumStiolkovski told a press conference on Monday.

“He simply discovered that none of the managers felt responsible for the conditions in the Surgery clinic! According to Demiri, the analyzes showed uncompromised air, while operations are not performed for 10 days. Even after 10 days there is no answer and neither he nor his directors felt guilty, because he says he was a minister for a short time? This is an expression of arbitrariness, for which there must be responsibility. The Surgery clinic, the Clinic Center, the pillar of the Macedonian health care is being destroyed,” said Stoilkovski.


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