Ixhet Memeti fails to attend session of the Public Prosecutors Council, also considering resigning from deputy president post


Ixhet Memeti, the member of the Council of Public Prosecutors who is currently under precautionary measures under suspicion of receiving an award for illegal influence, did not attend to the Council session on Wednesday.

According to the council president Dusica Dimitrieska, Memeti informed her that he will not attend Wednesday’s session and is of the opinion to resign from the deputy president of the Council of Public Prosecutors post.

Memeti is the second suspect in the investigation related to receiving a reward for illegal influence in which the supreme judge Nake Georgiev is also involved. The investigation was opened after the action of the Ministry of Interior, following a previous report by the son of a defendant in a case that is being conducted in the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the prosecution of organized crime and corruption.

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