PPO to investigate whether there are elements of a criminal offense in the ORs case


The Public Prosecutor’s Office, acting on the notification of the Minister of Health, has established a case, during which a process has been initiated to determine whether there is a criminal offense in the case of the two-week non-operation of the operating rooms (ORs) at the Mother Teresa Clinical Center in Skopje, said the State Public Prosecutor LjupchoKocevski.

According to the prosecutor, the PPO is going to check whether the crime of diversion or sabotage has been committed.

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office acted on the notification of the Minister of Health. No criminal charges have been filed against any suspects, but there is only a report on what happened. The Public Prosecutor’s Office established a case by initiating procedural actions. It has heard a large number of witnesses, collected material evidence, and the procedure is still ongoing. For the Public Prosecutor’s Office, it is important in the specific case whether there are possibly elements for some kind of crime. It could possibly be diversion from Article 314 or sabotage from Article 315 of the Criminal Code,” said Kocevski.

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