We are starting to implement what we promised, we submitted a bill for reorganizing institutions and establishing two new ministries


Before the elections, we promised a functional and legal country, an efficient government that would implement reforms and improve the lives of all citizens in Macedonia. The essence of why the citizens gave us their enormous trust are not those questions that in the past period were part of public opinion, who took what oath, what he said, who did something to whom, why they quarreled with that person, etc. But the essence is that the policies that the future Government should implement and realize is the rule of law, that all those who have violated the law should answer before it, that there should be no more first class citizens, few, and many second and lower class citizens as it was before. To bring reforms in the economy, to improve the standard of citizens and the conditions in education, so that every child can have a real textbook in front of him on the first of September, and not take notes or receive scripts as it was a few decades ago. What is happening today in healthcare should not be happening, patients dying in our corridors. To implement reforms for farmers, to keep young people in the country, higher pensions for retirees. And all that we promised during the elections will become reality and part of the everyday life in our country, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski on Wednesday.

“To do this we need good government organization. On the basis of Article 71 paragraph 1 of the Constitution and on the basis of Articles 139, 144 and 175 of the Parliament Rules of Procedure, I am submitting a bill to amend the Law on Organization and Work of State Administration Bodies, following a fast-track procedure. Namely, in Article 71 paragraph 1 of the Constitution, as well as Articles 139 and 144 of the Rules of Procedure, it is stipulated that every Member of Parliament, the Government and at least 10,000 voters have the right to propose the adoption of a law.  Whereas Article 175 of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament stipulates that the Proposer of the bill can propose to the Parliament to discuss it in a fast-track procedure,” said Mickoski.


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