Filipche: The municipal organizations presidents will be elected in immediate intra-party elections


The candidate for party leader of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia – SDSM Dr. Venko Filipche started the his campaign for the internal party elections in Struga and Ohrid. Filipche presented to the party members the program through which he promises that SDSM will be an efficient and functional party organization that works in the interest of members and citizens.
At yesterday’s meetings, Dr. Filipche presented the first major reform, in the part of the democratization of the election of presidents of municipal organizations. The program stipulates that they will be elected in internal party elections in the same way as the leader of the party. He says that only in this way will those who have the greatest support from SDSM members be elected. This reform will lead to more effective leadership, better representation of party members’ votes and consequently a stronger and more united SDSM.
“I don’t believe in imposed solutions but inclusive management policies. We will restore trust in the membership and citizens with availability, openness, responsible behavior of all party members, especially high party and political officials,” said Filipche.

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