EVN buys the Town House for 12.7m euros


The town house on the quay of the Vardar River, which went on public auction, was sold for a starting price of 12.7m euros. The new owner is the company EVN, which was also the only bidder.

Skopje Mayor Petre Shilegov announced in September the sale of the City House, which began to be built by his predecessor Koce Trajanovski in 2011. According to Shilegov, there was no room for all the employees in this building, but only about 350, and the place of administration of the capital is not somewhere thrown away, but in the center of the city.

It is not known where the City of Skopje will move, though the sale will be finalized in the next few weeks.

The call for bids for participation in the e-auction lasted until October 31, and EVN was the only company to apply.

The City of Skopje signed a 15m-euro contract with Beton for the construction of the facility, and then an additional 3m-euro contract for the construction of an energy efficient facade.

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