Macedonia also faces consequences of the global recession in the automotive industry


The trend of global recession in the automotive industry will be felt by the companies in the country that work in this field as suppliers.

According to how much the car sales have been reduced, the estimates are that the workload will decrease and thus the export volume by about 3 to 5% compared to last year but so far no layoffs are being considered foreign companies with technologically advanced production mainly located in technological industrial development zones.

The global recession and declining sales of new cars is a process that has sold 4.3 million cars less than a year earlier, a trend that is most pronounced in China and India.

The main reasons for this are the trade war between China and America and the uncertainty it brings, Brexit, changes to diesel regulations, car electrification and the like.

There are about 30 factories in the country that are foreign investments related to the automobile industry employing 25-30 thousand people and the first just over 50% of the total export of Macedonia.

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