Before sundown – Raskovski unveils the “masterpiece” with helicopters


It’s all in vain, the government’s secretary general Raskovski said, but there is a price in the feasibility study, he found an expert analysis of the need for a public-private helicopter emergency partnership made in January this year, according to a Telma TV report.

The costs are 10m euros minimum for a helicopter and at least 5.3m euros a year for operating costs, according to a feasibility study released today to reporters and the public by the government’s press service shortly before sundown.

The helicopter ambulance is intended for quick rescue of the seriously injured, inter-hospital transfer of the seriously ill, but also for search and rescue in inaccessible areas. The study states that similar services but with insufficient capacity have the ARM, and the MoI is not mentioned even though there is also a helicopter unit that is currently rescuing and transporting injured and sick.

Although the government claims everything is at the expense of the Swedish partner, after 8 years the whole project and all the real estate should be left to the state. That should be worth 42m euros, the feasibility study predicted, but did not say whether and how much the foreign public partner would earn.


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