Government helicopter business documents released


A 10,000-euro investment of more than 70,000,000 euros will be made by the company Sarhems DOOEL, which obtained a public-private partnership for helicopters with the government of North Macedonia, formed 24 days before the public call for this financially unprofitable and legally disputed JPP.

This procedure has been followed by many legal violations identified by members of the Public Procurement Commission in their report, which the Secretary-General and the government do not disclose to the public.

The report and memorandum signed personally by Secretary General Dragi Raskovski, which was not presented to the public and journalists, did not indicate that this report was classified or not, but it is unclear why they are hiding it.

There is also no indication whether it complies with EU regulation or not. These are omissions only on the first page of the report.

At a briefing with reporters, Secretary General Raskovski noted that 5 companies had responded to the public call. In the report he signed, he said that only one offer had come from Sarhems. Whether anyone has suggested to other companies in the process, or Raskovski is not telling the truth, remains unclear.

Founded just 24 days before the public announcement, the company succeeds in submitting a document that it has done similar work in the last 5 years as this JPP and that it has a TCDS airline certificate, thanks to a consortium appearance.

The report, signed by Secretary-General Raskovski and conquered by the government, notes many legal omissions and breaches in the whole process by which Sarhems and the government became partners in the helicopter business which will invest more than € 70,000,000 in helicopters.

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