Oliver Spasovski to be Interim Prime Minister


Prime Minister and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev announced this week to the party leadership that he has decided that Interior Minister and party vice-president Oliver Spasovski will be Interim Prime Minister in the government in accordance with the Przino agreement, senior party sources told the media.

According to them, a new coordination of the party leadership of the Social Democrats should be held today, to which this decision should be confirmed, after which it is expected to be verified at the party Central Board in the coming period.Unofficially, besides Spasovski, the talks between the top people in the SDSM headquarters also mentioned the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mila Carovska, because she also had to step down from her ministerial position, in accordance with the preliminary election rules, which became part of the Electoral Code.

In such event, Carovska should remain an additional deputy minister of labor and social affairs with the right to veto all decisions and acts related to the electoral process, while the main ruling party will have to elect an additional deputy interior minister, who, according to unofficial information, will be an inside person who is a professiona

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