Nikoloski: When there are no arguments and he is caught in criminal activities Zaev turns to lawsuits


When the incumbent SDSM government no longer has any arguments and is caughtdoing crime, it continues to press and threaten, intimidate and persecute political opponents, said Aleksandar Nikoloski, vice president of the opposition VMRO-DPMNEat a news conference Thursday, accusing the prime minister of filing a defamation lawsuit over allegations that the businessmen’s racketeering in the country were carried out with the knowledge and coordination of the very top of the government, and said it would not deter him.

Nikoloski estimated that whenever the prime minister felt he was losing credibility, hewanted to forcibly build it back up, and that although “he will be prime minister for another 16 days and never again”, Zoran Zaev threatens his judiciary with lawsuits and pressures on the opposition.VMRO-DPMNE’s vice president informed the public that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has filed a defamation lawsuit against him over a political statement broadcast by Alfa TV in which he says more than 20m euros have been seized and that he is at the top of the pyramid.

Nikoloski quoted part of Zaev’s lawsuit against him:”About two weeks ago I mentioned that the total amount of funds seized exceeds 20 million euros. So far no one has denied this, which means that more than one businessman is racketeered, many businessmen are racketeered and a lot of moneyis demanded. It is an operation that cannot be completed by one or two people. It is an operation that is well thought out from the top of SDSM, coordinated personally by Zoran Zaev and further managed by the whole country because it requires both criminal and political responsibility,” quotes Nikoloski

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