Boki 13 under house arrest as of Monday?


On Monday, the Appellate Court will decide whether Bojan Jovanovski, the first defendant in the Racket case, will remain in detention at the Shutka Prison.

The court received the prosecution’s opinion today, but for now there is no information whether it is positive or negative. Jovanovski’s lawyer demands that he be released from Shutka because of his health condition. Otherwise, Jovanovski will be released from the city hospital on September 8 on Monday at the latest, according to the hospital, reports TV Telma.

He will be there until the results of the tests are completed. Jovanovski was admitted to this hospital, with a referral from a doctor in the Shutka Prison. The September 8 hospital said it was housed in an intensive care suite for compliance with safety protocols, and not because of the severity of its health condition.

Currently Boki 13 is in good general health.

His lawyer Saso Dukovski recently accused the health care system of playing with Jovanovski’s life.

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