Ohrid hotels offer free accommodation for residents of Durres


Fear, panic and insecurity among Albanians after the devastating earthquake that hit Durres. After the devastating earthquake, the local families are massively relocating of fear for their lives. Pavli from Durres, located in Ohrid, tells with tears in his eyes that after 60 years of living in Durres it is not easy to leave his homeland, he says they wait for experts to assess the safety of their buildings.

Some of the Ohrid hotels, villas and private apartments have opened gates and offer free accommodation and restaurant food. About 60 Durres residents are currently based in Ohrid, but the number is expected to continue to grow, according to the Red Cross.

The Red Cross of Ohrid says that the families currently living by the Ohrid Lake are the most endangered part of Albania with the most casualties and material damages

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