The fight against corruption should start from the Public Prosecutor’s Office


“The key beginnings of all actions in the fight against crime and corruption should start with the Public Prosecutor’s Office,” Justice Minister Renata Deskoska said, before launching a policy dialogue “Implementation of the Judicial Sector Reform Strategy 2017-2022″.

Deskoska informed that today’s debate is about the process of implementation of the Strategy for Judicial Reforms, adding that they are well finished with adopting the legal framework that the Ministry of Justice is responsible for drafting and for the Parliament to adopt.

– The Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Law on Amendments to the Council of Public Prosecutors and some other laws are still pending, but there will be no dramatic change for the institutions to wait for implementation. Now remains the key challenge for the Council of Public Prosecutors and the Judicial Council to begin implementing these reforms that have been made in the legal framework in order to obtain an independent, professional judiciary and in particular the public prosecution, Deskoska said.


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