Joveski: Confidentiality fees were shared twice in the SPO


State Prosecutor Ljubomir Jovevski, without prejudging the outcome of the investigation of the prosecution for organized crime and corruption for prosecutors and the SPO team, said the initial findings in the case showed that allowances were paid twice at the SPO for the same work and confidentiality.

“The law has an explicit provision that those allowances may not exceed 35% of the salary, the three types of allowances, for risk, for confidentiality and for working conditions. The amount of the allowance is determined by the manager for each individual,” Joveski said.

“Initial observations show that the same fees were paid twice for the same grounds. If you look at the absurdities they reached in spending state money, you will see that the secretary has a higher salary than the president of the state. Whether this is justified or logical, you’ll be the judge. I do not prejudge the procedure that the prosecution is leading,” the head prosecutor said.

Data from the Ministry of Finance’s “Open Finance” database showed that SPO prosecutors received approximately one million euros in compensation in the past four years. In addition to the allowances, prosecutors received a basic salary plus allowances of 35%.

According to the Law on Salaries of Public Prosecutors, the public prosecutor has the right to a salary supplement for: special working conditions, high risk and confidentiality.


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