Protest for Clean Air: Life that’s plastic is not fantastic!


With banners “Life that’s plastic is not fantastic”, “Justice before profit”, “We want to breathe”, citizens marched in front of the government to tell the authorities that they should care about clean air and health,much more than they care for money.

Nevena Georgievska of the O2 association pointed out some of the measures that are required to be fulfilled: bringing a detailed urban plan to Gazi Baba for the former Vardarishte city landfill, urgently initiating the repair and remediation of that landfill, banning the import of tires and other waste as source of energy, waste control at border crossings, opening an investigation into the export of waste, opening an OHIS investigation into bankruptcy.

Measures include a ban on the purchase of scrap metal, lead, tin, aluminum, and the requirement for the installation of prefabricated housing for the homeless and their integration into society, the arrangement of those areas for resettlement, the urgent procedure for adopting laws like soil law, environmental inspection law, industry emission control law, communal police law etc.

Georgievska pointed out that the problem is complex, but the association made a program of steps to address the problem of polluted air, which, she said, has grown into a book. She added that politicians’ measures only brought results when there was wind.

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