Kamchev: Bojan forcibly took money from a friend of mine who was seriously ill and who is not alive today


Kamchev testified in the testimony that former Telekom CEO Zarko Lukovski had threatened by Bojan Jovanovski, and that he had paid a total of 450,000 euros twice for the threats. Lukovski died a few days ago and was in the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption a few months ago to testify.

“A friend of mine who is not alive today told me that he had been involved in the Empire case, who had given his name and knew what his name would be, Bojan called him and told him that if he did not want to be part of in that case, he should pay him 200,000 euros. He was severely ill, and unfortunately he is no longer among us. When they opened the Empire case, my friend fled to Serbia out of fear, but Boki called him again, saying, “Look what happened, if you didn’t pay you too will be in this case,” and he paid another 250,000 euros from Belgrade. These are the words of my late friend,” said Kamchev.

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