Alternative, Besa and Alliance for Albanians demand constitutional changes for Albanian Language


Following the conclusions of the Venice Commission, the Albanian political parties – the Alliance for the Albanians, the Besa Movement and the Alternative have reacted.

They have a unique view, namely that the Albanians are not a minority and that the Albanian language needs to be constitutionally regulated again. The Alliance for Albanians believes that the Venice Commission should not have been asked for an opinion on the whole law, but only on the provisions governing the use of Albanian banknotes, and in the military.

“First, the law should not have been sent at all because it is in accordance with the Constitution of RNM. We Albanians are not a minority here, but we are a constituent community, over 25%. As an Alliance for Albanians we insist on making constitutional changes and making Albanian the official language, not the language of the 20 per cent,” said Arben Taravari, Alliance for Albanians.

Besa Movement seeks to resolve once and for all the problem of the Albanian language and the Albanian language as the official language of the Constitution.

“What we disagree with in this report is that Albanians are a minority. Albanians in Macedonia are the second majority people,” said Bilal Kasami, of the Besa Movement.

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