Sekerinska and Filipce were regular guests at Boki 13’s home?


The first suspect in the Racket case, Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, after saying at a previous hearing on Tuesday that he would sang who is actually involved in the case, today shocked the public by claiming that in fact Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinski and Venko Filipche were the two ministers government officials who were regular guests at Boki 13’s home.

It would be assumed that Sekerinska was also involved in the Racket case, but according to witness Orce Kamchev, the minister was not that kind. Kamchev tried to excuse Sekerinska and said in court: “She is not like that.”

The question arises, why if she had repeatedly visited Boki’s home and had meetings with Katica Janeva, she also had information that they were sextorting money from Orce Kamchev and did not go to the public prosecutor’s office and did not report the crime.

According to what could be heard in court today, Boki 13 intends to disclose all involved in the case. He announced at a previous hearing that there were other participants who were part of the government or part of the SPO that he had worked with.

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