Let’s not reopen issues that can divide us


Together we will continue to determine the next steps related to the legal solution itself, because we will definitely not allow any of us to be naive to reopen some issues that might divide us, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev when answering a reporter’s question regarding Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani’s position on the acceptance of amendments to the Law on Languages ​​recommended by the Venice Commission.

-We have always been consistent in the statements and what I want to reaffirm in the public is that many beautiful things have happened in the last two and a half years that have made our people, all ethnicities, different religious groups and certainly different cultural heritage and similarities, managed to unite in the concept of “One Society for All”. Of all those things this Law was one thing that united us. Of course, as we have said before and so on, we have provided joint letters and correspondence to the Venice Commission, the government has made decisions, Parliament has adopted the law earlier,” Prime Minister Zaev added.

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