11,950 apartments under construction, 6,368 remain unsold


In the period July – September 2019, 674 newly built apartments were sold on the whole territory of the country, which is for 195 apartments more than the second quarter of this year, according to the latest data from the Real Estate Agency.

As of September, there were 6,368 apartments built throughout the country, not yet sold and offered on the real estate market.

“Also, the Real Estate Agency has issued 11,950 construction demarcation sheets indicating that these facilities are under construction and will soon be on the real estate market. It can be concluded that the number of new buildings is currently meeting the demand for new housing”, the report said.

Most of the apartments sold in the period July-September this year are in the municipality of Karpos, i.e. 239 apartments were sold in this period, while most of the houses were sold on the territory of the municipality of Bitola, ie 30 houses were sold during this period.

Statistics show that Karpos apartments are the best-selling although they have the highest average price of 60,398 denars per square meter.

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