Janusev: Son of SDSM’s Cvetanka Ivanova wins tender worth 300,000 euros under suspicious circumstances

Cvetanka Ivanova

VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev announced at a press conference today an extremely dubious tender involving a close relative of a senior SDSM official. “This is a tender published by the Public Enterprise for Maintenance and Protection of National and Regional Roads for Road Works in winter, in the territory of Stip for the 2019-2020 season.

The most favorable bidder for this tender, which can reach up to 300,000 euros, is the son of the SDSM Secretary General, Cvetanka Ivanova.

Zoran Ivanov, Cvetanka’s son owns the company “DIKOR CD” DOOEL Strumica, and Ivanov is also a business partner of Trajce Zaev in the company “Omni Gradba” DOO Strumica, which deals with construction,” said Janusev, according to whom, he obtained under extremely suspicious circumstances. Referring to “data”, he said that when the decision was made on 08 November 2019, according to the public procurement website, their information indicates that it was precisely at that time that the company “DIKOR CD” DOOEL Strumica did not meet the basic requirements for obtaining the tender required, i.e. lacking the necessary machinery.

“Our information shows that only after two weeks, Zoran Ivanov and the company “DIKOR CD” purchased the necessary machinery from a Greek company for lease. The machines come with Greek license plates and stickers from the Greek owner company. This reminds us of the case where Vice Zaev’s trucks drove for “SV INVEST” in REK Bitola,” Janusev said.

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