Law on bar exam comes into force, no online examination


The new law on bar exam that entered into force on January 1, 2020, regulates the conditions and procedure for taking the exam.Among other, the new law scraps online bar examination and introduces written and oral examination before an expert committee, based on objective criteria for assessment of candidates’ knowledge.The exam is to assess expertise of people who have completed four years of higher education in law VII/1, as well as people who have studied law under the Bologna Declaration and earned 300 credits in line with the European Credit Transfer System(ECTS).Law graduates who are required to serve practice training to obtain qualifications and fulfill conditions for taking the exam, can turn to courts, public prosecutor’s offices, lawyers, notaries, the State Attorney of the Republic of North Macedonia andthe Ombudsman.The law on bar exam was adopted in line with the need for judicial reform, embedded in the Strategy for reform of the judicial system, North Macedonia’s
strategic goal of NATO and EU membership, as well as the requirement to meet commitments made to implement efficient judicial reforms based on European standards.

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