Remenski claims that there is no evidence against her, it was about political elimination


Concerning the decision of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, I conclude that it is a hasty decision and is just another confirmation that constructions without evidence can become grounds for indictment, and this will certainly prove, but somebody will have to bear responsibility for that. MP Frosina Remenski said on Friday, announcing reforms in the prosecution and warning that the process was an attempt at “political elimination”.

Earlier on Friday against the ruling SDSM MP Frosina Remenski, the Public Prosecutor’s Office filed an indictment in the “Racket 2” case. Remenski responded to reporters’ questions about the case, saying she had heard from the media about the indictment.

She said that this process would mean a reform of the prosecution, as Remenski said, because there were no reactions to many things that were made public.

“I can freely say that with this process I can announce reform of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. having in mind that many of the issues have gone public, there are unanswered questions and of course I do not expect cooperation from other institutions here, but I do expect cooperation from the new Minister of the Interior who may have hearing and senses on certain issues that were not open to over the past period to gain some prominence, and thus the opposition to show that it stands to work professionally and in accordance with the law. In that respect, I would say nothing more than what I have said given that in this ridiculous procedure it will be seen that there is no real evidence that the Prosecutor’s Office has charged me with, and it charges me because of my reputation and authority. It would be absurd for any future politician to have contact with citizens and NGOs, for any foreign investment minister who would give any support to preliminary projects or anything, by choosing a government or party program one day. to be in a position to be suspected and even to be accused of something that may be a noble goal in all its operations and actions,” Remenski said.

Remenski added that she did not want to comment on her remarks on “political elimination”, but urged the media to follow the process and “ask the right questions”.

“I wouldn’t comment anymore. I would like you to keep track with me in the coming period, and if you would like to see real reform in the institutions you can ask the right questions. I am sorry that you have not asked the right questions so far about the ones that I have made public. This process can only prove a great absurdity. When you have all the defendants in the SPO cases and you have all the possible criminals at liberty, and when a university professor at the faculty of security, who has filed 16 criminal charges, is put in an uncontrolled trial to prove her reputation and authority, then I think everyone would know what I’m talking about,” she replied.

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