Angjusev caused TE-TO’s bankruptcy and became part of scandal worth 200m euros


koco angjusevOn the last day of Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev’s political career, new documents emerged related to the scandal at the TE-TO power plant, which is estimated at around 200 million euros.

According to the research findings so far, which none of the aforementioned facts have denied, the Russian owners of the TE-TO plant have made a false bankruptcy, which is also detected by the financial police, through which they extracted hundreds of millions of euros from the state and thus damaged the shareholders of Toplifikacija in the company.

Then, because tax had to be paid for the withdrawn money, the Macedonian government passed a decision that practically forgives the TE-TO tax which amounts to about EUR 20 million in advance payments.

Records of court proceedings in which the fake bankruptcy of TE-TO occurred (bankruptcy and reorganization on the same day) show that before the court, the Russians claimed TE-TO to go bankrupt because of “TE-TO’s condition to receive electricity to a final trader appointed by the natural gas supplier after the so-called polutoplig principle and indexed on only one regional stock exchange.”

The first reason for the bankruptcy is the purchase of natural gas, which, in turn, is carried out by the company that owns the plant. This practically means that the reason for the bankruptcy of TE-TO is the Russian owners of TE-TO together with the company EDS, which at that time was owned by Koco Angjusev.

Andjusev’s firm was the one that had an electricity contract, as evidenced by the TE-TO’s annual audit documents. This practically means that it is he who has caused the bankruptcy of more than 150m euros in the hands of Toplifikacija shareholders, after which he was sworn in as deputy prime minister in a government decision to forgive the tax on this money.

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