Spasovski: Transitional government will justify expectations


I would like to express my gratitude and honor to be the Prime Minister of the transitional government, said Oliver Spasovski, and started the first working day at St. Ilinden No. 2 with a Government session and said that his priority and goal is for the government to continue to work actively in all segments.

“To continue the reforms so that there is no slowdown in progress, to implement projects that will mean economic development and growth, to make everything ready for a fair and democratic election, with equal opportunity for all parties and citizens to freely make decisions. And I expect the representatives of the opposition in the Government to be focused on realizing those interests of the citizens,” Spasovski said.

“Of course, the weight of management will be greater, but that’s not a reason to give up, but to be more motivated. I will take such an approach in running the government,” Spasovski said.

He believes that everyone should equally contribute to the goals of the state in the integration processes – NATO membership, but also to start negotiations with the EU.

“These are two vital national interests that no one should give up. We must not focus solely on the party we come from or on its interests. First of all, the government has the sole interest of the state,” the interim prime minister said.

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