Tripunovski introduces his team of advisers in the Agriculture Ministry


Additional Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Cvetan Tripunovski presented today his team of advisers who, along with him, will bring changes in the agricultural sector.

“Preparation for Macedonia’s recovery begins today. Starting today, farmers in VMRO-DPMNE have a protector and partner who will work for their benefit. Guided by the idea of ​​creating better conditions and better agricultural policies, I have formed a Council of Farmers and a Council of Expert Professors who will advise and work for the benefit of farmers,” said Tripunovski.

The Farmers’ Council, he said, is made of six members, including farmers and agricultural leaders from across the country, while the Council of Expert Professors will be composed of six members of professors, experts and proven people in their fields.

“My advisers will not cost citizens a single penny,” said Tripunovski.

The farmers’ council is composed of Zlatko Stojcev grape-grower from Rosoman, Dragi Pamukov a gardener from the village of Kuklis, Strumica, Dragoljub Gavrliov Orizari from the village of Cheshinovo, Zoran Ilievski orchard owner from Resen and Mitko Jankov from the village of Oraovec near Veles, Nikolce Ilievski, tobacco farmer from Mogila.

The Council of Expert Professors consists of professors Dragi Dimitrievski of the Faculty of Agriculture, Zlatko Trajanov of the Faculty of Forestry, Mile Jakimovski, Trpe Ristovski from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, as well as Vladimir Djabirski and Toso Arsov of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Concerning that he is still a deputy minister in the caretaker government, Tripunovski said he would primarily seek to prevent manipulation and pressure on farmers to prepare for fair and democratic elections.

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