Stoilkovski: Zaev and the prosecution are hiding the actual culprits behind the “Racket” case


It is clear that the “Racket” case cannot be limited to just the three currently accused individuals, and that Zoran Zaev’s link with the judiciary is being used to conceal the actual culprits, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski at today’s press conference.

–  Zaev, the government and the prosecution must answer whether the racketeering scheme is made up of the following people:

  1. Is it true that the “Professor” involved in the racketeering network was once a candidate for Head of State, a long-time professor at the Justinian Prima Law School in Skopje, lustrated for cooperation with the secret service?2. Is it true that the “foreign advisor” involved in the racketeering network, who was dragged here by Zaev from Belgrade due to his experience in energy business manipulation and for whom Balkan politicians warned Zaev?


  1. Is it true that the “journalist” involved in the racketeering network, of which Geroski writes in his article, is a self-proclaimed bard of Macedonian journalism on the bumper of racketeer 1TV, the only former director of the Public Service with a high school education, the only journalist with a security clearance so he would get access to the police files of the people who were potentially targets of extortion?He adds that this interwoven racket network leads to the head of the octopus, to the head of the state mafia. “Racket” is the product and pillar of Zoran Zaev’s rule and his government. Zaev left. Threats to life-threatening governance are louder. The prosecution must not conceal information or leave time for suspects to continue the offense, influence witnesses, or flee! Such a form as described in Article 394 of the Criminal Code as a criminal association, and there must be answers and responsibility for it!
  2. Is it true that the “associate”, the “bearer of the action” in the racketeering network, a close associate of Zaev from the top of SDSM, is the very one for whom the party invented the position of SDSM party deputy, and has received shoes as a gift from Boki 13 ?

5. Is it true that the “most trusted” man involved in the racketeering network, of which Geroski writes that “his approval is required in all major business deals”, “with a certain amount of euro down payment”, is the same man of whom Zaev says he sits down with ministers, like the minister of health, to “help people”?, asks Stoilkovski.

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