Is there a tariff in the MOI for keeping criminal charges in a drawer?!


In the intelligence community of which I am a part, it has long been talked that part of the MoI’s top management that works in the criminal police is directly in contact with criminal structures; this was stated today in an interview with Alpfa TV by the new Interim Interior Minister Nake Culev.

– There is unofficial information that there is a tariff for keeping criminal charges in the drawer, for destroying the proceeds of crime and for qualifying more serious crimes into lesser crimes. In addition there is also information that some of these management structures designated by Minister Oliver Spasovski are directly involved in criminal activities themselves in a way that is on the payroll of criminal structures with a fixed monthly fee in order to release information on operational-technical PI measures to members of criminal structures and to additionally release information when the interior minister plans specific operational activities for their arrest, Culev says.

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