Macedonian municipalities lost in space and time – they don’t know how to use World Bank grants


Due to ignorance, lack of expertise and insufficient capacity to apply for grants on
their own, the World Bank decided to assist some municipalities in the country. The
World Bank prepared and paid project documentation for construction of new roads
for 35 of them.
"Quality projects and quality proposals are the most important ingredient for
successful implementation in your municipalities. We are financing 70m euros in
local road investment with the Ministry of Transport, where municipalities will have
access to these finances on a grant basis and will vary from 150,000 euros per
municipality to the smallest up to 1.7m euros for the largest”, said Marco
Mantovanelli. – Director of the World Bank office in Skopje.
With the project documentation prepared, municipalities will need to contact the
Ministry of Transport. Then will be the necessary procedures such as tenders and
public procurement.
"The whole state is covered and these funds will not be available to the
municipalities, but with the projects adopted here, the ministry will carry out public
procurements and tenders for those projects…," said Goran Sugarevski, Minister of
transport and communications.
This World Bank project for the construction and rehabilitation of 270 kilometers of
local roads covers 78 municipalities. Projects were awarded today for the first 35
kilometers of them, about 105 kilometers in length.

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