Mizrahi says she will not allow her people be labeled anti-Semitic


Minister of Labor and Social Policy Rasela Mizrahi believes it is shameful to use
national, ethnic or religious affiliation in a political battle. She is proud of her origin,
but says, "The Republic of Macedonia is her home and will not allow anyone to mark
the people as anti-Semitic."

– I'm one of those people who returned home. Macedonia is my country. I'm home
and this is my people. I will not allow anyone to label my people as anti-Semitic. I

grew up in an environment of coexistence with both Macedonians, Albanians, and
Turks, Serbs, Bosniaks, people of different ethnic, national and religious
backgrounds. It was never a question. The question of my name was never asked.
Finally, none of the public figures in politics were asked the question of their national
ethnic or religious affiliation. Would it be disputable if I were a Serb, a Vlach, a Turk,
etc. Anti-Semitism in this country has neither existed nor exists, said minister
Mizrahi, answering a jreporter’s question about certain attacks on social media
related to her ethnicity.

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