Special police unit ‘Tigers’ gets a new commander


The special police unit ‘Tigers’ of the Interior Ministry has a new commander as of this morning, and according to NetPress sources, Ivica Bisoski has been named in place of former head Mitko Danevski.

According to information, Bisoski has many years of experience in the Tigers unit, has been involved in numerous police actions, anti-crime and anti-organized crime operations.

Twelve posts in the interior ministry received new chief and manager positions on Wednesday at the suggestion of Interior Minister Nake Culev in the caretaker government. Culev has the right to appoint 15 new positions, the other three being additionally decided by the minister. By law, current executives will now be replaced by new appointees and have tied signatures.

1- Head of SIA Skopje Toni Jakimovski will be replaced by Senior Police Advisor Risto Stavrevski

2-SVR Bitola replaces Slavko Jovanovski with Andrej Vasilevski

3-SIA Veles replaces Zlate Janevski with Igor Angelovski

4- SIA Strumica replaces Tancho Projkovski with Vasko Todorov

5-SIA Stip replaces Marijan Kocev with Aleksandar Nikolov

6-SIA Ohrid replaces Saso Mileski with Ilija Mileski

7th Department for the Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime replaces Lazo Velkovski with Aleksandar Janev

8-Chief of Intervention Unit SIA Skopje replaces Primislav Dimovski with Vasko Naumovski

9-Department for Special Police Operations replaces Branko Trajanovski with Saso Zengovski.

10-Assistant Minister of the Department of Criminal Investigations, Internal Control and Professional Standards replaces Dejan Andonov with Filip Filipovski

11- Department of Interior Prilep replaces Igor Karaviloski with Trajce Gorgievski

  1. Assistant Minister of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications is Zdravko Stojkov, who takes the place of Marjan Kocev.
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