Macedonia has the lowest salaries and the least increase compared to the countries in the region


According to the State Statistical Office data, the net wages in the Republic of
Macedonia in the period January – November 2019 grew by a modest 3.8%. If we
compare the countries in the region, we will see that the growth rate in our country is
the lowest in the region. As shown in the graph, the salary growth rate in Serbia for
the period January-November 2019 is 10% and in Bulgaria more than 10%. Wages
are rising at the fastest pace in Romania.
Macedonia has the lowest average salary compared to other countries in the region.
The latest statistics show that the average salary in the last three months of last year
was 419 euros, while the highest average salaries in the region were recorded in
Slovenia and Croatia. Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina had the
lowest average salaries.
According to the Slovenian Statistical Office, the average net salary in that country
was 1,114 euros, Anatolia reported. At the same time, it is the only salary in the
region that exceeds the 1,000-euro threshold. The average wage in Slovenia is twice
as high as the average wage in almost all countries in the Balkan region, excluding
Croatia, where average monthly wages range around 900 euros. Slovenia is
followed by Croatia, also an EU member, where the average salary was 864 euros.
Next in line is Montenegro, where according to official statistics from the
Montenegro-Montstra Statistical Office, the average tax-free earnings were 517
euros. In BiH, the average monthly net wage paid was 925 convertible marks (472
euros), and in Serbia 54.115 dinars or 460 euros.

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