€ 60m scandal: The government is bribing farmers with their own money


Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy of VMRO-DPMNE Cvetan Tripunovski today accused SDSM of bribing farmers with their own money, i.e. money that they haven’t been paid yet. According to him, this casts the darkest stain on the upcoming elections and is a brutal insult to the honor and dignity of working farmers.

– SDSM, through Trajan Dimkovski, wants to bribe farmers with 60 million euros, with money belonging to farmers in accordance with the law, and have not been paid for the past three years. We alerted and pointed out that there is a loophole in the 100 million euro paying agency, subsidies owed by this authority to farmers for the years 2017,2018 and 2019. The government denied and lied, said Tripunovski.

According to him, the ministers from the ruling SDSM, Ljupco Nikolovski and Trajan Dimkovski, did not pay the money for three years, nor would they pay now. The payments they make are aimed at pre-election bribes of 60m euros, money that belong to farmers in accordance with the law, that is, their money is neither for Trajan, nor for Ljupco, nor for Zaev.

– We urge farmers not to succumb to the pressures and attempts of bribery. No one can bribe them with their own money, which is money that belongs to them in accordance with the law. In addition, after VMRO-DPMNE’s coming into power after April 12, we will pay all the subsidies that were not paid, said Tripunovski.

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