Makraduli: Country has more exports than imports of waste


North Macedonia has more exports than imports of waste, Deputy Minister of Environment Jani Makraduli said Friday during a visit to “Nikola Karev” high school.

“Waste imports have now dropped sharply,” Makraduli said. “North Macedonia is part of a system called the Basel Convention, an international treaty. We’re signatories of the Stabilization and Association Agreement. We’re aligning legislation and cannot go beyond European standards. We must build a system of restoring trust in institutions.”

According to him, the current SDSM-led government guarantees that everything is legal, in line with the law and people’s interest.

In response to a reporter’s question, the Deputy Minister of Environment said air pollution could only be resolved if we were dealing with the sources of pollution. He pointed out they were prepared and by 2024, there would be no public institution polluting the air.

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov and Deputy Minister of Environment Jani Makraduli visited Friday the “Nikola Karev” high school. Funds from the 2019 government program on reducing air pollution have been provided to green “Nikola Karev” and three other high schools in the city.

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